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Adam was looking for a new way to solve problems at work. He took a class at the Cincinnati Art Academy on sketchbooking, instructed by Amy. She had spent years fine-tuning the process of keeping a visual journal, for artists and non-artists alike. Because of their different professional backgrounds, they learned a lot from each other.

After the class, Adam and Amy began exploring how creating visual elements can enhance an individual’s creativity and communication skills in the business world. Through the combination of their complementary skills in art and business, a process emerged: Drawing Down the Vision.

We love to discuss the creative process.
We want to build a community of people looking to lead more creative, inspired lives.
We want to instill a value for art in all working environments.

Adam Siemiginowski, Procter & Gamble, Idea Developer, Visual Thinker - Amy Bogard, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Sketch-Artist / Teacher, Collector of images & experiences

Adam Siemiginowski
ATSiem (at) gmail ( dot ) com

New York City + Cincinnati

Adam is a designer, developer, and visual thinker. Working at Procter & Gamble’s headquarters, Adam is an Enterprise Architect specializing in global Products Research information systems. Starting P&G’s Mindmapping Community of Practice and serving as a key contributor in developing P&G’s Design to Delight methodology, Adam practices building working and learning communities. In the past, Adam has successfully started and operated an online computer accessories retail business and a graphic design firm. Since graduating from Fairfield University with a concentration in Information Systems and Finance, he spends a fair amount of time between the kitchen and patio of his Mount Adams home overlooking downtown Cincinnati.

Amy Bogard
amy (at) drawingdownthevision ( dot ) com


Amy Bogard is a fine artist, educator, writer and professional puppeteer living and working on a green acre of land in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.  With a professional background in education as well as an art degree, Amy developed the course Keeping a Journal Sketchbook – Getting Started at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. In this class, students with varying ranges of skills and experiences can learn to keep a visual diary of their lives and work.  It is this course that led to the art/ business fusion based mission of Drawing Down the Vision.  In her fine art work, Amy travels far and wide gathering images and impressions which are later translated into finished drawings, quilts and encaustic paintings.

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