What’s your sub-current?

08 Oct

In a recent article in the New York Times, artist Patrick Dougherty explains how he went from building a hand built cabin in the woods to becoming a world renowned sculptor:

My dream was to build a house. I didn’t realize my real dream, my sub-current, was to become a sculptor.

I really appreciate his use of the term sub-current to describe his underlying goals and vision for his personal purpose.  We as human beings are molded into our grown-up selves by countless influences throughout our lives.  Often, we forget to look inward and trust our own true path.  How do we get around these outside influences and find our own sub-current, our own chronic goals?

An interesting thing happens when we teach a group of people some rudimentary drawing skills to begin using their sketchbooks; students begin to immediately see their own individual voice from a visual perspective.  Working in a sketchbook with words and images, even more so than writing in a journal alone, is a crucial way to finding and staying in touch with your own chronic goals in life, our sub-current.

So what is your sub-current?  What are your chronic goals that lie just beneath the surface of your daily life?  Take a little time to explore them and they just might be sooner achieved.

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  • Adam Siemiginowski

    A sub-current is all about being healthfully connected and disconnected.

    I try to build a ‘sub-current’ for each day by staying focused for 4 hour blocks of time, disconnecting from distractions. I reconnect for a little while with emails/reading, and get back to my independent work and thinking.

    I have goals I need to achieve… but the people and things around me aren’t geared at helping me achieve them immediately.

    This is, I believe, the essence of Gordon MacKenzie’s Orbiting the Giant Hairball.

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