Templates to help tame your sketching.

25 Sep

Here are a few great templates to get your team, or yourself, excited about sketching out that new idea. Throw these out on the table and they turn the somewhat daunting task of ‘draw it out’ into a fun exercise, with the just the amount of structure to keep things rolling.

Click the images to download each of the sketching templates, or download the whole sketching templates package.

A blank sketching template with title, notes, author and project. The least restrictive… frightening for some.

A storyboard sketching template with 6 fields plus title, scene, people-power… You can use this to force everyone to think of multiple broad concepts quickly, early on in the project. Give them a sheet of one… and you won’t get many back. ideas. Encourage outlandish behavior.

For the engineer in us all… a task flow worksheet. This is great for thinking through a problem and all the steps needed to execute it. You can list the goals in the notes, or just write a little narrative about ‘Ernie the Earnest Engineer.’ Have fun. Give this to the novices.

Finally… dots. Dot concept paper can be an awesome way to think through a bunch of little ideas, little on paper that is. Use the dots to make interesting fun constellations and just spice up your sketches more than a blank sheet of paper. Wow your team. It’s the little things in life.

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  • Adam Siemiginowski

    This is also my favorite iPhone sketching template.

  • zennisha henry


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