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29 May

The Drawing Down the Vision team is constantly striving to connect with others developing a more holistic and creative approach to life and work.

Yesterday we interviewed Donna Burns, Director of Communiversity, the community education wing of the University of Cincinnati.  Communiversity provides lifelong learning opportunities. Whether a student wants to brush up on their financial skills or learn a new language, Communiversity probably has something to offer.

During a Drawing Down the Vision Workshop, students learn the art of keeping a visual journal.  Drawing is one way to broaden your spectrum of communication. But drawing is just one path toward creativity.  To avoid getting bogged down in the day to day and to maintain a sense of creative potential in your work and personal life, it is essential to always be trying new and creative things.

Resources such as Communiversity are a wonderful way to tap into these opportunities. Most metropolitan areas have some form of community education and the classes available range from art to science to business.  As an instructor at the Art Academy’s continuing education program, I have met some amazing people from all walks of life who take a few hours each week to broaden their horizons and do something creative.

We highly recommend checking out all that Communiversity and other programs like it have to offer.  The personal and professional enrichment that lifelong learning can provide is priceless.

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