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Ideas are like mushrooms

30 Apr

Ideas are like mushrooms:

Ever notice how mushrooms crop up in the yard when conditions are just right? Moist, rainy and cool weather seems to do the trick where I live. I like to get outside and draw them when I can.  Under the right conditions, amazing things can happen and the generation of ideas is no exception.

In Betty Edwards’ groundbreaking work Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain she writes, “combining perceptual skills with problem solving evokes an extended shift to an alternate mode of thinking”.  This mode of thinking is the holistic, non-linear creative thought process research has shown to be connected with the right-side, more creative side of the brain.

The act of drawing, even something as simple as a mushroom growing in the garden, is the quick ticket to this creative mode of thought.  Being in a “right-brain” mode of thinking is the condition under which the best ideas come.  If you are noodling a complicated problem at work or in your personal life, give it some thought, then pick up a pen and paper and go draw something seemingly unrelated for a while.  You may be surprised at the mushrooming of ideas that occurs.

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