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‘Daydream’ on Purpose

14 Jun

I recently stumbled upon The Energy Project. They’re a cool bunch helping to redefine what it is to be productive at ‘work’.

I was browsing through their practical energy tips and saw our missions overlap with, “Daydream on Purpose.” Here’s what they have to say:

“Schedule at least one hour a week to brainstorm or strategize around some issue at work. You can help access your right hemisphere by doodling, daydreaming, or going for a long walk—anything that lets your mind wander. That’s when breakthroughs and spontaneous connections are most likely to occur.”

So go ahead… try it out, and daydream on purpose. You can see plenty of our tips on doodling, drawing, thinking on paper, daydreaming (whatever you’d like to call it…) in our blog under Practice.

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