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Learning to draw through other’s practice.

21 Jun

Some of you sketching newbies may be looking for help getting started, some examples…

As we take the old fashioned pen-to-paper approach to thinking and creating, we like to encourage people to get away from their computers as much as possible and spend time learning in the “real world”. But sometimes, the toys and trinkets that come about from our technified world offer an experience not readily available through our analog ways.

The folks at the design/ marketing firm Odopod have created an online playground for sketchers.

At their interactive site, Odosketch, participants can create ‘drawn’ images using various line weights and colors. They have featured sketches which demonstrate what you can do with this tool.

The best part is that you can observe how others go about creating these fantastic images. How they begin with an outline, start tracing and re-tracing the shapes, and gradually complete the shading.

So if you are the techie sort, and are looking for some silent tutoring, check out Odosketch.  Maybe then you’ll have the courage to try the pen and paper approach.  Both will prove to be a lot of fun and a great way to develop your one-of-a-kind creativity.

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