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How to avoid the devil in the details.

05 Aug

Here is a fantastic excerpt from ‘Getting Real,’ a simplicity-promoting book by 37Signals. They are one of the most successful software development companies around today… with 20 employees serving the needs of over 3,000,000 users!

I really got over the ‘get into details right away’ attitude after I took some drawing classes…If you begin to draw the details right away you can be sure that the drawing is going to suck. In fact, you are completely missing the point.

You should begin by getting your proportions right for the whole scene. Then you sketch the largest objects in your scene, up to the smallest one. The sketch must be very loose up to this point.

Then you can proceed with shading which consists of bringing volume to life. You begin with only three tones (light, medium, dark). This gives you a tonal sketch. Then for each portion of your drawing you reevaluate three tonal shades and apply them. Do it until the volumes are there (requires multiple iterations)…

Work for large to small. Always.

- Patrick Lafleur, Creation Object Inc. (from Signal v. Noise)

We’ll be posting soon about how to practice the tonal sketching Patrick described.

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