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The value of ‘mistakes’

14 May

When we all start drawing, the lines don’t seem to come together as neatly as we often hope. In Drawing Down the Vision, that’s a great thing. Artists have a term for those moments where something gone awry turns into a silent tug in the right direction: The Happy Accident.

In Creativity Studies, the terms convergent and divergent thinking represent the alternative manners by which we come up with novel, new and exciting ideas… by combining or separating existing ones. Drawing can help us look at the world in this recombinatory manner. As we try to create a representation of what we’re thinking or seeing, the lines and patterns slowly come together. Mismarking can trigger a new connection between objects on the page, new ways to look at something we thought we understood completely, and couldn’t be done any other way.

Here is an example of experimentation done by Brad Norr of Brad Norr Design: Lines, leading to more lines, more thoughts, and ultimately, an answer.

So get out there and start putting pen to paper, thinking through that stubborn problem or just enjoying the landscape surrounding you. A ‘mistake’ may just trigger a whole new way of looking at things. A happy accident.

Thanks to Brad Norr of Brad Norr Design for contributing his work in this example!

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