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Cultivating an Idea Nest

07 May

Idea Nest

On a run the other day, I noticed a lot of bird eggs that have fallen out of trees and landed on the ground.  A sad side note of springtime. It got me thinking about the potential in an egg and how that metaphor is so powerful when applied to our own lives. How can we push the edge of our own knowledge to give birth to new and better ways of thinking and creative ideas, without those ideas crashing to the ground like so many robin’s eggs?

There is a difference between gently pushing the boundaries of our own creativity and knowledge and pushing so hard that we push the ideas right off a cliff.  How do we find a way to slowly cultivate and nurture ideas?  Is there a way to put these ideas in a nest of sorts where they can hatch when they are ready? In my work as an artist, writer and teacher, my sketchbook operates as this nest. It’s a dumping ground for all unhatched tidbits that come floating through my brain. Those tidbits sit and develop into what they were meant to be in their own time. Often when I write something down, or jot a quick sketch of something, I have no idea of where it will fit into the overall picture, or if it will at all.  But gathering everything in one place – the lists, impressions, drawings, poems, you name it! – ensures that if it’s meant to be of use, it will be there. Waiting for the right time and the right circumstances.

So get into your sketchbook.  Start slowing down long enough to jot some stuff down.  Revisit this idea nest every so often to see patterns and potentials where you may not have noticed them before.

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