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15 Oct

A week ago, a friend said to me, “I’m going to get an iPhone so I can get stuff done.” I responded instinctively, “It’s actually a distraction.” Then I disagreed with myself. Here’s why.

Yes, I do find myself sucked into email or some app occasionally, but who doesn’t?! I’m human and I make mistakes. I’m working on that. However, one new tool, JotNot, has given me a way to break loose of my office, and still share back professional results from creative critical thinking sessions easily.

JotNot is the easiest way to turn pictures into documents. Sketching with a pen and paper is the most liberating way for me to think through a complex problem. Its limitless, and balling up and tossing bad ideas is a great stress reliever.

I’ve always been tied down by completing my creative work with a scanner, or sending out a lame photo of my sketch. JotNot changed that. Now I take a photo and JotNot converts it to a PDF or image. Really awesome. Check it out…

Here is JotNot capturing my sketch…

Here is JotNot about to process the photo…

And here is the output 30 seconds after snapping the photo. (Shrunken to fit on the page, download the original PDF here.)

I then publish to my free online storage at DropBox which I can access from any computer or send it to my teammates directly via email.

Yes my friend, that’s getting stuff done.

Download JotNot for your iPhone/iPod Touch at the iTunes store.

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