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Personify your problems.

16 Aug

When I was a kid, I had composition notebooks filled with odd characters. They were inspired by day-to-day life… things I saw, things I did, things I wished I could do. Then, I grew older, got busier, and stopped sketching. It seemed pointless.

Today, all those characters lie dormant. But, I plan to revisit them once launches.

Grafighters will allow you to upload an image of hand-drawn character via email or mobile device. Grafighters will then turn your character into an animated fighter… not one you control like a traditional game, but one that battles the ranks of other characters through a specific algorithm that defines strength, speed, stamina…

I can see this as an awesome exercise for any team trying to think through some problems in a creative way. What if everyone had the opportunity to personify their team’s business problems in a character sketch… and then have fun watching them battle it out?! It would provoke some very interesting discussions, and be a way to light-heartedly think through what could otherwise be very stressful.

So, get out there and start sketching personifications of your problems. Think through your problem in a new way by turning it into a real character, a villain of sorts. You’ll be surprised by how openly and differently you will see the situation. This is the power of metaphorical sketching.

If you’re anxious to get started… you can send your characters to

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