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A visionary chef’s other tool, the pencil

20 Mar

Andrew Spurgin's Drug Store Mini Retro Burger Sketch - frisee,  roll, sea salt, sesame, kobe beef burger, pickle, plastic presentation  tray, lemon aioli

Andrew Spurgin, Executive Chef at Waters Fine Foods in ever-beautiful San Diego California, sees food his customers want, before they do. His mission is prove it to them.

While it’s not difficult with the final product, typically, he doesn’t have it on hand… or the ingredients and tools to make it right then and there. All he carries is a pencil and an eye for a loose sheet of paper.

As the article, ‘The Power of a pencil,’ in Catering Magazine showcases, Andrew is not shy to use drawing as the non-traditional method to make his foodie visions a reality. He uses sketches to feel out his clients desires, one at a time. He then shares these sketches with his kitchen staff, which ultimately serves to help him deliver the product, one at a time, on a much larger scale than he could himself.

Does this conjure up thoughts of how drawing can connect you, your clients, your team?

“I just found that it’s such a valuable tool, because things turn out the way you envision them and everyone is on the same page,” Spurgin says.

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