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Score one for creativity

26 May

In a recent article in Fast Company Magazine, creativity was touted as the most important quality for business leaders today.  It seems this is a bit of a sea change in the world of business.  In the past, especially during economic hard times, business leaders would have buckled down with tried and true practices and hoped to weather the storm.  This is not the case however as CEO’s navigate an increasingly global and challenging marketplace.  They are instead developing creativity in themselves and their employees to find innovative ways to keep their ideas flowing and their companies growing.

How can business professionals develop their own creativity?  Getting outside of the normal routine of the day to day, drawing in a sketchbook, taking a different route to work are all small ways to create a big impact in thinking.  Team building workshops such as Drawing Down the Vision can get a group of people excited to approach a new project with the freshest ideas they can muster.  Encourage your team to develop their creativity.  Practice some creativity enhancing ideas yourself.  It’s the best thing you can bring to the table.

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