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Crosstown Bus

15 May

Let’s take a moment to talk about tangents.  You know, those often annoying, ever present detours we find ourselves taking in meetings, conversations, or even within our own activities, be they mental or physical.  I have a friend who calls these little detours “the crosstown bus” when we attend meetings together.  In some meetings, heading out on unnecessary tangents is a waste of time.  In other situations though, these journeys down the unbeaten path can spell new creative solutions to current problems.  These paths can lead to new ideas to which you wouldn’t have arrived without a wrong turn or two.

When generating new innovations, in a group setting or solo in your sketchbook, allow yourself some freedom to follow an unexpected notion down an unfamiliar road.  Chances are you may find unexpected treasures where you least expected them.  Take an occasional ride on the Crosstown Bus… you may just like where you end up.

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