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Finding your voice.

04 May

An interesting thing happens every time I teach my sketchbook class at the Art Academy.  At the end of the 8 week term, students share their work and are surprised at how tremendously different each book is from the next.  Students have been introduced to the same materials, processes and instruction yet the differences are striking.

When Adam and I began the Drawing Down the Vision workshops, I was curious to see if this same phenomenon would carry over into the intensive 3-hour workshop geared toward the business world.  It did.

There are many ways to distinguish one individual from another.  We hear a voice on the phone and can often recognize it immediately.  Handwriting is another of these distinguishing characteristics and drawing is simply an extension of handwriting.  Introducing the drawn line into your arsenal of options for effective communication is a powerful way to differentiate your individuality among a large, often daunting field of co-workers and competitors.

In a group setting, the ability to draw out an idea on paper, or to take notes with visual elements, helps people with different modes of thinking better communicate. Drawing, even in the simplest fashion, is a way to stand out in the crowd as someone who can sort through a difficult problem and find a creative solution.  It doesn’t take much – a pen and paper and a willingness to find your own personal visual voice.  Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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