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Drawing makes sense.

06 Sep

Drawing, or ‘doodling’ as Sunni Brown describes, is a crucial tool to help solve complicated business problems, thinking creatively, and aid recall.

See our ‘Practice’ posts for more tips on drawing. And more on Sunni Brown.

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24 May

Recently on a trip to New York City, I had the privilege to meet up with an old friend and fellow art student Stephanie Koenig. Koenig and I were sculpture majors together at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP School of Fine Art a number of years ago. While there we shared a love of all things involved in the creative process; drawing, research, materials, processes and tools. We both have gone on to follow our love and passion for Fine Art in many ways through teaching and by continuing to pursue our own studio work.

Koenig is based in Philadelphia these days and like most artists, she wears many hats. One of her jobs is studio manager at NextFab Organization where innovators go to translate new ideas into physical prototypes. NextFab is a place where business innovation directly intersects with artistic creativity. The organization employs industrial designers, mechanical engineers, animators as well as artists to create a team of individuals who can solve most problems on route to producing new products. Stephanie and I spent a good bit of our conversation sharing our anecdotes of the intersection of art and business. It seems the more people we meet in the entrepreneurial world, the more we realize how artists can contribute to the creative side of business.

I am extremely excited to hear that other artists are dipping their toes into the business pool. I find that developing my own inner entrepreneur is strengthening my career as a working artist. Working with Adam on Drawing Down the Vision has shown us both how tapping into creativity and maintaining a vibrant sketchbook can enhance his professional career. We should all step outside of our self imposed labels and make a point to connect and intersect with those in other fields.

At this intersection lies true creative potential.

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