Small talk vs. Debate, Doodling vs. Drawing

23 Mar

Debate versus Drawing

Ok, let’s compare a few ways people share perspective. Let’s start with everyone’s favorite, small talk!

Small talk is about simple things. It’s about right now, something like… the weather! Small-talk is equivalent to doodling, it’s a starting point… letting your mind wander and sharing your thoughts. Who knows where it’ll lead.

Debate is about more complex things. People gather in groups to discuss who’s better at it. Debate is equivalent to drawing, people also gather to discuss who’s better at it! Both in debate and in drawing, you’ve got a picture of how it all works in your head… you just need to make others see it, either in their head or on a piece of paper.

When we draw, our pencil moves slower than our mind, we can only share so much of what we’re thinking… usually the simplest, but most important, stuff.

We begin drawing by focusing on the obvious details, we start with an outer line… an outline. Then we gradually fill in the details… a few lines here, some shading over there, maybe a big arrow to connect one thing to another. Throughout this process, we’re defining how one object relates to another… where it’s placed, how big it is, how heavily shaded it is. By it’s very nature, drawing is about establishing perspective. Clear perspective allows us to better communicate solutions to complex problems.

So next time you’re doodling… maybe you’ll consider kicking it up a notch and start drawing?

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