Living Differently

22 Oct

A recent article, How To Think Like Steve Jobs, by Carmine Gallo, author of The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, got me thinking about how we can all live and work creatively, to be a more worthwhile addition to the communities and live and work in.

Steve Jobs is the pinup boy for successful, simplistic product design. He makes grandmas want gadgets. His success in doing this stems from the Apple slogan, an embodiment of his character, to ‘think different.’

But what does ‘think different’ mean, and how can it help us? Let’s break this problem down, and reassemble it.

Why would we want to ‘think different?’ Thinking differently will help us deliver creative breakthroughs, solutions to people’s problems that weren’t able to be solved with conventional thinking. We all want to do that.

So, if we believe the assumption that your thoughts are a product of everything around you, how can we come up with breakthrough ideas? The answer is simple… live different.

Steve Jobs has always made an effort to surround himself with non-conventional people and search for answers in non-conventional places. For example:

  • When hiring the original Mac team, he hired musicians, artists, poets, and historians. This made it work for everyone, not just techies.
  • When designing the original Mac, he integrated Calligraphy he learned after dropping out of college. This made it the first computer with beautiful fonts.
  • When he wanted the Apple II to be the first personal computer used in the home, he went to the Macy’s kitchen department. This made it easy to plug and play.
  • When starting Apple Stores, he didn’t hire a tech guy, he hired former Target executive Ron Johnson. This made Apple Stores world-class retail.
  • When developing the service model for Apple Stores, he didn’t analyze or Gateway Stores, he emulated the concierge at the Four Season Hotels. This created accessible, comfortable, world-class service.

How can you break away and ‘think different’ to bring new solutions to today’s problems?

For starters… find some new people, try to learn some new tools, and try to get inspiration from new places. Be dramatic. And have fun with it.

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