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Drawing makes sense.

06 Sep

Drawing, or ‘doodling’ as Sunni Brown describes, is a crucial tool to help solve complicated business problems, thinking creatively, and aid recall.

See our ‘Practice’ posts for more tips on drawing. And more on Sunni Brown.

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A day with some future leaders.

02 Feb

Recently, the Drawing Down the Vision team led a pro-bono workshop for 24 volunteer teenagers in the American Red Cross ‘Leadership Development Center‘ in Cincinnati. The young people had been involved with the program in years past and are now responsible for developing the overnight leadership conference for their new incoming peers.

Amy and Adam introduced the teens to many of the exercises used in Drawing Down the Vision.  It was tremendously exciting to guide them through the process of thinking differently with a sketchbook, defining short and long term goals, and embarking on a new form of self-exploration.  By exploring some of their broad personal goals in their new sketchbooks, students began to open up to what aspirations they might have for their work with the Red Cross.  Many of the students enjoyed some of the exercises so much they plan to utilize them as ice-breakers at this summer’s conference.

Diana Wood, director of the LDC program has this to say: “I am sure  that I have not yet seen the end of ways that the workshop impacted these students… the ways in which they will think about and approach the many tasks that are before them.”

This is the beauty of embarking on a journal-based thinking process.  The ways in which disparate information percolates in a sketchbook can provide new connections that lead to exciting new ideas.  Congratulations to the future leaders at the American Red Cross.  It was a pleasure to work with them!

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Testimonial: Mark Lloyd, Systems Manager

24 Aug

Drawing Down the Vision was an excellent workshop with practical, real-world examples.  Adam and Amy shared their experiences and facilitated well developed exercises to enhance my learning.  Because of this workshop, I am better able to recognize when a picture or visualization could be more impactful.  This leads to better engagement and clearer understanding by others.

- Mark Lloyd, Systems Manager (Procter & Gamble)

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Testimonial: Stephanie Andrews, Freelance Writer

01 Jun

The Drawing Down the Vision workshop was well worth my time. Since the course I’ve implemented very practical habits that have given me a clearer vision of what I want out of my life.

Amy & Adam made the training session a very inviting, non-judging atmosphere. Clear and straightforward, their hands-on, demonstration-oriented, style of teaching helped me to grasp the concepts quickly. During the class, you begin using what they are teaching. By the end of the class, the participant is fully equipped with the tools and know-how.

This course gave me the confidence to draw. Realizing that I don’t have to be a flawless drawer, or even a good drawer, gave me a lot of freedom. I was intimidated by drawing/sketching, but now I look at it and approach it differently. As a bonus, the more I draw, the better my drawings look!

As a writer, I now have another tool at my disposal to clearly get my point across. Drawing gives me another way to organize my thoughts and helps me to manage my time. Drawing out my goals gives me the clear picture that I need to stay on track. Almost daily I pull out my sketchbook and draw out a few thoughts. Going back to look at them snaps me right back into the moment and I can easily pick up where I left off.

- Stephanie Andrews, Freelance Writer (Cincinnati Gardener):

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