Before I die.

13 May

Before I Die Art Installation

One of the most powerful exercises we use in our Drawing Down the Vision workshops is the “life list” exercise.

The ‘life list’ is what most people refer to as “the bucket list”, or “what I’d like to accomplish before I die.”   What we do differently is ask workshop participants to put drawn images to these goals and aspirations.  This iconographic approach to life goals makes them that much more tangible and therefore, that much more attainable.  A visceral image is one step closer to actuality than a word.

In our hurried world, not enough time is spent analyzing our chronic goals, until, often, it’s too late.  But a New Orleans artist, Candy Chang, is changing this with her interactive installation “Before I die…” on an abandoned building.

I encourage you to read the article and consider what your life’s important work is.  Even better, find images that represent these goals.  Whether they are drawn or found images, collect them and consider them often.

After all, we only get this life once.  Make the most of it.

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