A concept product to help you draw straight, measured lines.

24 Sep

Here is an interesting concept called, ‘The Constrained Ball.’ It is supposed to help you draw straight lines, and measure them exactly. While that’s not exactly possible with a pen point and a singular touch point on a rolling wheel… this concept does have, well, wheels! We’d buy it.

via Designers Couch

Popularity: 20% [?]


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    Well, interesting post,

  • Oooshiny April

    I was previously a Landscape Architect, working in both manual and digital media. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The tremors in my hands have prevented me from being able to continue in a profession I loved, but I look at this product idea and see something that might help me to return to it, at least part time. It might not be enought to allow me to return to a professional footing, but even to be able to do some things for friends would be a balm to my spirit that I would appreciate beyond measure! I look forward to the commercial availability of this product eagerly!

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